Kazu, Son of Oshida Kamasaki – July – 2001

Kazu, son of Oshida Kamasaki is now available on Amazon as a novel. If you’ve already read it, it’s worth a trip back to follow more of Kazu’s adventures. There are many subtle pieces to the story that you might have missed as well.

Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets is a novel now and will be up shortly. It is full of the mystery and intrigue of Italy and the spy games that go on there. This will catch you up to what they have been doing since you first met them all.

If you are a car guy there is something in this for you also.

Don’t forget to read Atlanta, a crime drama and my other novels on Amazon now.

They include The Adventures of the Smith Family, it’s follow up novel, Sailing Away, Atlanta, a crime drama, and Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets, a fast paced spy novel taking place in Georgetown and Rome, Italy. It is filled with current intrigue and involves the Iranian’s, the Russians and the North Koreans.

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