Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam – Khouangsi Waterfall – Laos – Oct.25 – 2018

Oct.25 – Day 5 – We  drove to Khouangsi Waterfalls in the afternoon.

It is amazingly beautiful.

It is a multi-terraced and wide waterfall and river complex. As you walk up the hill you can see more and more of it through the leaves of the tall green trees. There are pools and people swimming in them at each level with large boulders and large trees growing in and around the pools. Each turn reveals another master piece of nature. You can see tall trees that have been washed over and their roots now reach up to the sky like fingers. There is a black bear sanctuary here also and you will see the bears relaxing when you get up about halfway. They seem to care little for our presence and just eat and nap as bears do.

Make sure you bring your camera. It is a site to photograph and to lock into your memory. I can see it as I write this, now. The sounds of the falling water is pleasant and the higher up that you look, the steeper the falls become with smaller polls and bigger cliffs dropping off to the next, lower, waterfall. The mist shrouds them as the sun moves across the sky and the higher falls slowly seem to disappear. The birds swoop and chatter as they look and wonder why we have invaded their private womb.

It is an easy walk over very wide dirt paths and a few artfully designed wooden bridges.

Look for our pictures at my friends web site at Facebook. Ray-Andrea Matthews. It’s public.