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I am a 66 year old retired contractor. I was born and live in Orange County, California. I had an interesting childhood, as I was raised in a restaurant/bar in a rough multi-ethnic neighborhood. I was a waiter and dishwasher from the age of 8 till I was 16. I made many fascinating friends and heard countless stories of their adventures, while at their feet, shining shoes. I have written poetry and short stories most of my life, and have always had a very vivid imagination. I played tennis through out school and it continues to be a favorite pastime today. I have an degree in Administration of Justice, and at one time thought it would lead me to Law School. I have always been drawn to stories relating to peoples behavior and the resulting consequences. I worked for my family in construction and eventually took over the family business. I continued to operate my own business, along with my son, for 30 years until I retired. My wife and I have a passion for travel and have visited many incredible countries including the DPRK, Mongolia and more than 60 others on 7 continents. We want to experience it all. I hope you enjoy my stories, thank you for your interest. I write under the pen name of R.C. Hand.

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