Africa – The Falls – 2017 – In Victoria

Victoria Falls

The falls are magnificent.

What might they look like if we had some rain. It is the dry season here. The people are wonderful and the hotel is great. There are artisans all over town selling their creations, or trying to, anyway. Some of them are just to big to take on the rest of one’s vacation.

I met a young man who paints very large, realistic, portraits. He is very talented and has been lucky enough to be found by a man building a restaurant. That man has bought some of these paintings and is going to put several of these in his new place. Perhaps it will lead to bigger and better things for the young artist. I sure hope so.

There are two young men near the pool at the hotel selling paintings of animals. They are excellent. I have talked to them a few times. They are friendly and cheerful. When it starts to sprinkle a little they just toss some plastic tarps over their works and wait for the rain to end. In a few moments it passes and the tarps are removed and live goes on.

There are rumblings of discontent here. We are tourists and unaware of the political situation, for the most part, that troubles this nation. Luckily we are ignorant and unafraid at the moment.

As usual, we will get home and see what we were in the middle of. It has happened so many times on our travels, that I can’t count them all.