Antarctica – 2007 – Let’s go swimming.

Yes, my wife did swim in this. I refused.

We all talked about it for days. We each worked our nerve up and decided that we would do it. We dressed with our trunks and bathing suits on under are winter gear.

Our guide told us today was the place and time to join the club. We were psyched up and ready to go. We were loaded in to the pangas again and shuttled off to a different beach. There were ruins there from an old outpost where scientists came and made examinations of the flora and the fauna. Not much flora here to speak of.

We went into the ruins to remove our outer wear. I don’t like the cold and was soon joined by our two traveling companions that agreed with me. We did not undress. We were cowards of the first order. I admit that.

My wife is made of stern stuff. She soon stripped down to her swimming suite. She asked me to do the same and I said, “no way in hell.” She looked lovely by the way, and still does. She looked at me in disgust. “You promised.” “No way dear, not chance,” I answered back to her in a brave tone.

She walked out of the old broken down shack and walked to the edge of the sea where or guide waited. “This is the place,” he said and pointed. My wife walked forward and jumped into the sea.

In a few seconds she was back out and I wrapped a towel around her. She did what she said she would do. I did not. She received a parchment welcoming her into that small, special club. I am still not a member.

Just like my wife and I.