Antarctica – 2007 – The Drake Passage

Good by South America.

The voyage across the Drake Passage from Argentina to Antarctica can be a rough one.

I still didn’t have my sea legs along with many others on our very small ship. We crossed the Drake Passage at night. I spent a good amount of time close to my cabin the first day or so.

Looking out our window in the morning I could see the sea rolling past the ship in large swells that made the ship and crew very aware of what the sea was capable of.

The water was the most beautiful colors imaginable. From a dark blue violet to almost a turquoise. There were few white caps, but the sea was not smooth. It undulated with these large swells and the sea covered half of our large window with every passing wave.

The wind blew and whistled as it passed over the upright parts of the ship or bumped into a flat surface and then changed direction abruptly. There was no ice forming on the ships smooth surfaces. I was glad for that. A top heavy ship can be dangerous in a rough and unpredictable sea.

When we all met for lunch, the staff remarked at how smooth the voyage had been so far. It made me winder what a rough sea might look like. I was glad that I hadn’t seen one yet. My inner ears were not yet prepared for all of the movement that a real sea might bring. Most everyone on board were seasick, myself included.

It is amazing how one’s body can adapt to the changes and punishment that we put it through. In a few days I was fine and wished for a second chance to enjoy the rough, rolling sea. Be careful what you wish for.

I got my wish on the way home several days later.

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