Australia – 2001 – Climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge

The Sydney Harbor Bridge

One of the things we all did in Sydney was climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

First let me tell you that like all normal people, I have a fear of heights. It’s like our inborn fear of snakes and other reptiles. We all have the fear and should pay attention to it. If you don’t have the fear of reptiles, there is certainly something wrong with you.

Any way, we decided climb the bridge and I am glad we did. We entered the building, paid the fee and then emptied out all of your pockets. They don’t want anything fallen to the ground and the sea below.

We then put on a special pair of overalls. The overalls have a cable running around the waste with a washer or something like a washer on the end of it.

As you leave the building, the end of your cable slides into a slot that runs the entire length of the bridge. At least it runs on the path where the tourists go. It is impossible to remove your cable from the slot or to fall off of the bridge. I was very comforted by that fact.

The walk was a little scary at first because you can see down through the walkway, but you soon get used to walking hundreds of feet over the blue harbor below. The views are wonderful and the breeze was quite refreshing. The opera house was just a short distance away across the water and it made for a great picture.

We were so far up that my fears soon went away. Perhaps my brain couldn’t believe that I was really up that high on that bridge. I was so high above the water below me, that my brain couldn’t process the information coming in from all of my senses.

It is a little weird to look down at your feet and see sailboats passing by underneath you. In any case, it was fun and I highly recommend that you try it when you get to Sydney one day.

If you get there, climb it. You may not pass that way again.

Be safe while this unfortunate business passes.