Brazil -2009 – Cruising the Amazon

Feb. 28  Today we are all off on a photo safari on Janauaca Lake.

Don’t ask me what that word means, I haven’t a clue.

We took our small boat out again and cruised through the river and it’s many tributaries looking for animals.

It wasn’t difficult to find some, very soon.

Off loading the ship into a boat takes a minute or two with a group of our size.

It isn’t long before we see plants and flowers all around us. The water is nearly black due to the refections of the trees in the water and the deep color of the water itself caused by decomposing plant and animal matter..

We enjoyed the trip through the Igarapes? That word means Jungle, perhaps. My Portuguese is non existent, though though I think I understood some of it. It is similar to Spanish.

It is almost comical to see large barges carrying cattle down the river. They watch us as we watch them go swiftly by. They look like bovine tourists coming to view the Amazon as we have.

Sadly I don’t think so.

I think they are going to bovine heaven via the slaughter houses of Brazil.

We all have a destiny waiting for us. Their’s is just unknown to them. Perhaps they are the lucky ones.

Perhaps they think that they are just going on a pleasant cruise.

We all understand the passing of time and what that means.

Don’t waste a minute worrying about that.

Just get out there and do your best at whatever you are doing.