Cuba – 2003 – The band

We saw a few other people in our hotel that had come to visit Cuba. Some were from Canada and a lot were from Europe. We chatted with a couple from Ireland in the elevator.

American citizens were still traveling their under possible fines if discovered on arriving home at this time. As I mentioned before, we went with a company that had a special license due to the educational factor of the trip that we were on.

We did have fine lectures in the mornings and then we went out to see what was happening in Cuba.

One afternoon as we returned back to our hotel, there was a great deal of activity in the square in front of our hotel. It seems that there was going to be a free impromptu band concert in the park.

The manager of the hotel told us if the event would have been publicized, thousands of people would have come to hear the music. These events are rare and draw large crowds.

Soon the orchestra members were arriving and unpacking their instruments. The brass section instruments looked to be a hundred years old. The instruments had little brass left on them from the years of use and cleaning. They shinned as the sun’s rays bounced off of them.

The orchestra made fine music however. As usual, it isn’t the tool that does the job, it is the operator. We enjoyed the concert and then went out to diner in one of the local homes that have been turned into a restaurant. The food was great.

It was a fine night. It was warm with a little breeze, and the city still looked beautiful if you didn’t look too closely.