North Korea – 2008 – Day trip to the Cave

The leader of our group was a very knowledgable man on the Korean War. He had a good relationship with the North Korean guides, and he often discussed things with them about the war vigorously. It made me a little nervous sometimes, though I know he knew how far he could go. He had taken groups like ours to North Korea many times before us. We had planned to go a year earlier, but then the famine occurred. We will never know how many people died.

Today we went to a cave as I remember it. It was deep in the mountains and filled with gifts from countries and their leaders from all over the world. There were many beautiful items there that were gifts to the North Korean People. I hope that they were able to see them.

We also went to a temple that had been rebuilt after the war. We must remember that almost eighty percent of North Korea’s buildings and infrastructure was destroyed in the war. I think that was the figure that we were told. The temple looked like it was made of wood, but it was all made of concrete.

I have to say that I am very glad that we went to North Korea when we did. I hope things will get better for the people of that country. Hopefully there are still family members in the south who will be reunited with family members in the north that were separated due to the war. North Korea is another example of what Communism is really all about. Power of a few over the many. Imprisonment, torture, and starvation are what comes from Communism. We have seen it through modern history time and again.

The Mass Games are worth seeing. The country is worth seeing, and the people were as pleasant as possible and helpful. In closing all I can say is that I wish the best for them. They have been through some of the worst times in history. They deserve better, and now perhaps it will come to them. There were thirteen of us who went on this adventure together. We were all of different occupations and probably different political persuasions as well, but we all had at least one thing in common. We all wanted to go to North Korea.

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