Bangladesh – Day 3 – Rangpur – 2005

Today we go north through the fields and villages to Mahasthangarh. This is the site of the oldest city in Bangladesh. The city dates back to the third century BC. The fortified city flourished then under the Buddhists who were here until the 11th century AD. There is a museum here with Hindu artifacts, as well.

My head is spinning slower now. We are in the country and the people live their lives at a different pace. The seasons rule their lives, not the clock.

We headed out to the foremost archeological site at Somapuri Vihara at Parharpur. This temple covered 27 acres and was the largest Buddhist temple south of the Himalaya. The temple dates from the 8th century AD.

A young girl, perhaps 7 or 8 years of age walked up to us and held my wife’s hand and came along with us as we toured the ruins. She was rewarded with a hair barrette for doing a good job as a small guide and being pleasant company.

My wife always brings small items for the children. Blow up world globes are a nice treat. We can point out where we live and then show them how far we have come to see them. We also bring frisbees and stickers. kids everywhere love these items. Perhaps their parents have a different view. They may have to keep the peace at home when the children vie for the items that we have brought them.