Elegant Elbe – 2013 – October – Meissen

OCt. 7 – Day 5 – We cruised during the day to Meissen. We arrived at noon.

We took the trip to the wonderful Meissen Factory today. We saw how the porcelain which is made from china clay and potter’s earth. The crossed swords are the trade mark of the fine Meissen Porcelain. Yes, we did get a vase by Meissen.

We collect masks, for the most part on our travels. When we visit a country or culture that does not do masks, we try to find a nice vase. We live in a very small place and so must be careful about what we bring home with us. We have two large wall units filled with items brought home from foreign lands that remind us of our trips and we have many masks on our living room walls. We have a few paintings from Australia and Ecuador also. It’s like living in a museum sometimes. We love that, by the way.

We walked  to Albrechtsburg and the beautiful Meissen Castle which was built in the 15th century.

We are off to Dresden. Our ship arrives their late tonight.