Greece – Santorini – 2004

This may be the ruins of Atlantis.

We rode the donkeys up the hill to the town of Santorini.

The caldera is vast and should remind everyone that we live for only a short period and that in time nature will call all of us back to the dust from where we came from in the deep past.

The views were perfect. The stores were plentiful and filled with interesting items to bring home and to remind us of our time spent in this beautiful land of islands.

The town is nestled in the hills and its inhabitant seem to be unwilling to understand that they live on the rim of a sleeping monster. It is quiet now, but tomorrow may be a different story. Such is man and our unwillingness to face facts at times. Having said that, it is a beautiful sight to see from a sailing vessel down below. The town shines like a jewel in the warm sun.

The tourists come for the day in their huge ships and spend their money and then leave for parts unknown. We are lucky and get to spend some time here. I am on the Greek clock now, and the days seem to last forever. I know that I will have to leave for home soon and return to work, but I will be a changed man.

Many people believe that Santorini is or was Atlantis. I have watched a couple of programs about the idea and it has been proven to me. The geography matches how Homer described the island and I have little doubt. Under water sonar and photography has made it very clear. Perhaps I am wrong, but I now believe that I have been to Atlantis.

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