Day 5 – Passage to Eastern Europe – Sept 2015

St. Francis. Even I got that one.

Day – 6 – Mon. Oct 5 – Vukovar, Croatia

The city is beautiful despite the remnants of recent warfare.

The Baroque architecture is pleasing to the eye even if a little too complicated and ornate. I like a less decorative style, but that’s just me.

The city of Paris is more to my liking as far as the style of architecture goes.

But this city is beautiful in its own way. The ride in a bus is always interesting. There are people using all types of locomotion to get from place to place outside our windows. One can see new Mercedes and horse drawn wagons on the same road at the same time.

We crossed the Drava River and went to see the Neo-Gothic styled Church of St.Peter and St. Paul.

I am not a religious man. I am not smart enough to truly understand this place we live in without a beginning or an end. I get a headache just thinking about those unanswerable questions.

But can we agree to disagree, agreeably.

It is an utter waste of time and energy to argue over things that we cannot prove or disprove. Live and let live, I say. Let’s talk about it if you want to, but remember, in this case, we are all still wandering in the desert of unprovable ideas.

Let’s talk politics instead, that should be fun.

Just be nice to each other and remember what is really important in life. You might only get one chance to pass this way, so enjoy it and leave some joy in your wake.

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