Scandinavia – Russian Cruise – 2008 – Talin Estonia

Day 10 – June 13 – Talin Estonia

This is one of the most beautiful towns or cities in the world. It reminded me of Disneyland.

The first pharmacy was in Talin and the symbol of the snake on the cross comes from here.

There are fine churches to see here as well.

The Russians sent thousands of people to live in Estonia when they occupied it for so many years. There is no love loss between the two countries, at least in 2008. There were many cars set afire that belonged to local Russians on a regular basis when we were there.

Hopefully things are better there now. However, the Russians moving into Crimea will not put any of those countries close by, at ease.

This has been a wonderful trip and I highly recommend it. Go there before you are too old to walk and enjoy it.

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