Moroccan Imperial Cities – Marrakesh – 2010

Day & – Thurs. May 6 – Marrakesh – The city of Marrakesh was built over the remains of the first tent city.

The founders of Marrakesh knew that the Atlas Mountains were it’s pathway to riches and danger. The mountains were also a barrier to the same.

There is a wide plain that separates Marrakesh from the towering Atlas Mountains. It’s founders understood the strategic importance of the location of the city and the plains at the foot of the mountains.

The dust from invading armies was an early warning system that helped to protect the city from a surprise attack.

Who ever controlled the passes in the Atlas Mountains to the south, controlled the fate of Marrakesh.

If the passes were held by her enemies, contact with the Sous and Draa Valleys to the south could be cut off.

The twenty foot high walls of Marrakesh were built in the 1120’s with six gates giving access to the city.

Read About Abd al-Numen and the orientation of the mosques of Marrakesh. It is a very interesting story.