Moroccan Imperial Cities – 2010 – Marrakesh souk and square

Day 7 – May 6 – Walking the giant plaza in Marrakesh is something that I will never forget.

The giant square is surrounded by shops.

There are the cobras dancing to the movement of the flute players instrument waving back and forth. We hear them in the baskets before the lids are taken off.

The hot Mediterranean sun beats down on us as we go to a place for a pleasant lunch, walking among the throng of tourists and locals looking for a bargain.

We walk the souk and look for something interesting and small enough for our little place. We listen to the locals tell us of their wonderful wares and how we must buy from them. We are not persuaded and soon we are off to another stall, wondering what we might see next.

We are dodging the people in our path, dressed in all manner of clothing from modern western to archaic full length robes. We aren’t in Montana anymore.

We are in in Marrakesh, but sadly we are leaving tomorrow. We have come and seen the best that Morocco has to offer us and we are glad for it. We will come again if we live long enough, but sadly there is never enough time to come back to places we have visited, except for England and Italy so far.

There are just too many places to visit and our days are numbered, like all mortals.

We have met many interesting and pleasant people. Language has not been a barrier. The smiles convey the message and the warmth of the locals.

Do not be afraid to come to these unknown lands. You will be reward for your wisdom and bravery.

This trip was the second half of a trip that included a week in Spain. I will put that up shortly, if I haven’t already.

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