Spain from the Costa Del Sol -2010 – Gibraltar

It looks modern, but there is a problem.

April 25 – Day 2 – The Airport – The airport in Gibraltar is rated as one of the top ten most dangerous airports. It is a largely man made runway which is a mere 1777 meters long.

There is water along portions of both sides of the runway and at each end. There is little room for error here. However, as we all know, a small error in judgement landing a large aircraft can ruin an otherwise fine vacation.

We all know the risks involved in flying and I am not minimizing them in any way, but if you wish to see the world you will find yourself in one sooner or later. I don’t drink alcohol, so it might be worse for me than for others who drink as they fly.

There is a four lane road that passes across the runway at Gibraltar just to make things a little more interesting for the pilots and the tourists flying with them. The road is barred by wooden gates at both sides of the runway until it is clear to cross. Pedestrians walk across this area as well.

Who is in charge of those gates and who watches what they drink for lunch is a mystery to me. I just hope it is a good system and that there are indeed people making sure the system works properly.

Welcome to Gibraltar!