Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia – Alms for the Monks – Oct.25 – 2018

Offerings to the monk.
These candles are each lit by a monk.

Thursday, Oct.25 – The Monks. We got up very early this morning to give alms to the monks. The road to town was just as bumpy as the day before.

We were taken by van to town and sat on the curb, waiting.  We know that they are out there somewhere in the dark. They are marching toward us with there empty buckets hopping that we will help fill them. We have done this before in Thailand, but it’s a little different here.

There are a few different sects of Buddhists monks by the way. It is an interesting story. Anyway, we were given a small bowl of sticky rice to give to the monks who are dressed in crimson robes. You take a small portion of the rice into your fingers and roll it into a small ball and toss it into the passing monks bucket. They come by very quickly, in all shapes, sizes and ages so you must prepare your rice balls rapidly. A hungry monks waits for no man.

These monks eat just two meals a day and study and pray the rest of the time. Some of them will go home in a year or so and some will stay forever. Those who stay live a life of few earthly pleasures, but seek wisdom and salvation for man instead. Just think how bad the world would be if these men weren’t praying for us.

The buildings that they pray in are beautiful and grand.


Many different Buddhas. Notice that sometimes they look almost like a woman, with a narrow waist and breasts.