Back from India – January 4, 2019

Jan.4 – 2019 – We are back from a wonderful trip to northern India.

We met some very nice people in our group of fifteen people. Our tour leader was a lovely woman with endless knowledge. This was our second trip to India. It is a very special place for us.

This trip isn’t for everyone. But the hotels, the food and the people were wonderful. From the complete stranger who helped us across a very busy street to the motorcycle cabdriver who took us to lunch and then back to our hotel after we finished eating, I say thank you, again. Everyone we met were kind and helpful.

The weather was perfect, even if the air quality was not. We saw all we wanted to and more. We learned a great deal about this part of India and it’s history.

We started in Delhi and went on to Jaipur, Agra, Varinasi, and points in between. I will start putting up the details as soon as I finish the Vietnam and Cambodia blog.

We also had another guide with us from the southern part of India. He was learning more about his own country along with us. The languages and the weather are different here than where he lives in the south. He was shopping and learning along with the rest of us.

We will have to come back and do the southern part of India one day with him.

Please think about going to India. Don’t prejudge the country and miss all of it’s wonders and beauty. If you are interested in religion, architecture or history, you must come here. Buddha gave his first sermon here. The Taj Mahal is here and waiting for you to come and wonder at its beauty. There are endless palaces to see and be inspired by.

This country was at a crossroads of history and culture for centuries. For photos, go to my friends Facebook page at Ray-Andrea Matthews.

Do you know that the word “pajamas” comes from India? I didn’t. Try to find out about “Sheroes” cafe inVaranasi. It is a group of women who have been attacked with acid by strangers and family. They are a brave group of women who run a nice cafe in town. They can surely use our help. They get others like them selves to come back into society and lead meaningful lives.

Yes, it is a long flight and the time change can be difficult. It can be hard traveling and sometimes scary to be in a land that is so different in so many ways. However, most everyone here speaks at least a little English and many are fluent in it. In that way it is an easy place to travel in. We usually go a few days before our tour begins and try to get used to the time change before meeting our group.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about this part of the world. You are only here on this Earth for a short time, or perhaps we do come back. That’s what many believe here. I hope it’s true, but who knows.

We are off to the five Stans in April.

My new, longer version of Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets is finished and will be up soon on my web site.

It is 3:25 am in California, but I cannot sleep. I am still on Indian time. I play tennis tomorrow at nine. That should be interesting with just two or three hours sleep! Happy New Year!