Dec. 31 – Erotic carvings of the Chandelas- India – 2018

Day 15 – Dec.31 – We have arrived at the erotic temples.

The temples are well done and the carvings are very intricate and lifelike. Having said that, there is nothing to ad. There is nothing surprising or unknown here.

The buildings are beautiful and well constructed. There is a good crowd of people here to see the temples and to pray perhaps. We had an older man as our local guide and he was very good.

The human body is a miracle and lovely to ponder, that is true. It was created by God, and yet many are made uncomfortable by its many needs and functions. It was God’s plan, wasn’t it? Lust and love are the necessary emotions to keep the party going. It is what it is, miraculous and beautiful.

If you find the naked human form uncomfortable to ponder, that’s on you. How many beautiful statues of men and women have been created throughout history for our artistic pleasure? Is it bad to view such things? I don’t think so. Is it wrong to want a handsome wife or husband? I don’t think so. Why all the fuss? We cannot help but be the way the creator has made us, but do keep it in check out in public. Thanks.

The ever present dogs were here to make sure that we were not disappointed by the lack of them.

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Nope, nothing new under the sun. Move on now.