New Years in India – Day 16 – 2019

That fire is someone being cremated. This is Varanasi, the city where people come to die. The Ganges is to the right in the darkness. Notice the cows in the picture.

Day 16 – Jan.1, 2019 – We spent New Years day walking along the Ganges and listening to the prayers.

We watched people bath away their sins of the past with high hopes for the coming year. I thought about how lucky I am and wished the best for all of us.

How bad would the world be if all of the men and women around the world stopped praying for us?

We walked all along the river and watched the holy men sing and chant with their flowers and were reminded of the seventies back in America. This culture had made its way to us via the Beatles and the late George Harrison.

He came here and studied music and religion. He stayed right here on the river. Behind me and over my left shoulder.

People finishing bathing in the Ganges or waiting to.