Free donuts

Hey, you don’t have to read this junk.

So my brother and I loved donuts. Don’t most of us. Come on. We know your dirty little secret. We see the wrappers in your car when we carpool.

Anyway, there was a donut shop across the street from our restaurant. I won’t mention the name for my own safety.

Anyway, they would give a free dozen donuts to any of their customers who brought in $150.00 in receipts. What a nice idea.

Here’s where we came in.

My brother was the idea man and I was usually the “do” guy.

So there was a telephone booth outside of the store. Remember telephone booths? Don’t lie, we know how old you are. I fit inside, nicely.

Do you ever watch people throw their receipts and trash away on the ground? My brother did.

I would simply run out and snatch them off of the ground.

It doesn’t take long to get the $150.00 needed to get free donuts with this method.

The down side is when the same two kids come in every couple of days with $150 worth of receipts, the donut trains stops very quickly.

By the way, I worked for the daughter of the owner of that donut shop by happenstance, one day, about forty-five years later. I told her the story and we both had a good laugh.