A little history

As usual, I have gone off half cocked again. That comes from firing the flint lock rifle by the way.

There would be no Italy without Guisseppe Garibaldi.

There were just a group of separate principalities or small empires until Garabaldi and a few others had a different idea.

The Count of Di Cavour was also involved. His godmother was Pauline, the favorite sister of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Garibaldi was a republican and a great General. His ideas of equality nearly cost him his life. He was a fan of Benjamin Franklin.

He took the oath to Liberate Italy and joined the “Young Italy” party of Mazzine. He was arrested and sentenced to death. He escaped and lived in South America for fourteen years from 1834.

He created the “Red Shirts.” He occupied Sicily and Napals and united them with Piedmont and Sardinia.

Italy was united under The House of Savoy.

The Kings included Victor Emmanuel ll, Umberto L, Victor Emmanuel lll and Umberto ll.

The monarchy ended in June, 1946.

If you have a few months of free time you might read about the history of Italy. It is very interesting.