Rome, Pisa and Florence -2005

May 21 – Day 3 – The name “Rome,” has an unclear and mysterious past. There are several ideas about where the word comes from, but it remains a mystery.

Rome has a population of about 4,355,725 people. At times, it seems that they are all driving at the same time and on the same road.

Rome is the most populous city in Italy and the fourth most populous city in the European Union. It lies on the Tiber River on the central western part of the Italian Peninsula.

Vatican City lies in the center of the city and Rome is sometimes called “the capital of two states.”

It is regarded as the birthplace of western civilization and the first metropolis.

Romes history began 28 centuries ago. The founding of the city was around 753 B.C.

However, the site has been populated for much longer and by many ancient peoples.

The papistry created this work of art after the end of the middle ages and with the start of the Renaissance. It had a coherent architectural and urban program aimed at making it the most beautiful city in the world.

Rome was first called the “Eternal City” by the poet, Tibullis.

There are hundreds of books on the history of Rome, I’m sure. If you are going to Rome, perhaps you should do some reading so that you can put its history and beauty into an understandable picture as you encounter it on your adventure.