Central Asia-2019-Day 10-A Political Comment

This is a short interlude where I ask why these Muslims of different points of view on their common religion here can get along with each other and the other religions that are practiced around them.

There is a lot of history here and perhaps I’m too dense to understand the problems of the Muslim world, however, I don’t think so.

Perhaps it is due to the fact that these countries are totalitarian and like Yugoslavia, the different factions are held at bay by the government.

I think it boils down to politics again. There are powers that become used to running everything and don’t want to give that up, even after an election.

Sadly I see that some are now interested in removing all of the statues and other reminders of our mistakes from view in our country of America in the name of not hurting someone’s feelings.

The Soviets did the same thing to erase their mistakes and were condemned to repeat them.

History is the most important tool we have to understand what we have done wrong.

Those on the far left have their minds made up about what kind of country we should be living in and they are determined to try to move us in that direction.

Read some history and you will see how it all turns out. We have been down this road before and it doesn’t end well.