Off to Norway,Iceland, Shetland Islands and Greenland- Sept.7,2019

I am off on a three week cruise to Iceland, the Shetland Islands and Greenland in a few days.

It might be a little cold and we have packed accordingly. That is to say that my wife has packed accordingly. I help by staying out of the way.

I am doing research for a new novel right now, so this cruise comes at a perfect time. I will have plenty of time to read and perhaps see some sights that I might want to include in it.

I will keep a journal of this trip and put it up on my travel blog when I return.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Summer and are looking forward to returning to work or school. Most of us must return to work or school, so we may as well look forward to them with some hope of enjoyment.

I have not forgotten Hawaii, but I have had other things going on. I will put that up after I return.

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