Walking in Nepal

This is me walking in the mountains of Nepal in 2001. My wife and I and our group of thirteen walked for several days in the mountains and camped in the villages along the way.

Our sherpas carried our gear and were a wonderful help to us. There were often no facilities and so bushy breaks were a must. Our group consisted of eleven women and two men.

Our sherpas sang and danced at night and kept us entertained with their stories and antics. I rode on top of the bus with them. It is a better view form there, by the way.

When you go make sure you ride one day on the top of the bus.

It was cold and a rugged landscape. We did reach 11,000 feet before heading off into another area of the mountains further down into a valley. We had a chiropractor traveling ahead of us on the trip. Very nice.

There were choices in the trails so those made of more “sturdy stuff” could take a harder route.

Somehow the chiropractor was always ahead of us and waiting to rub us down if we were interested.