Dec. 15, 2020 – “The Eagle’s Nest”

I have just finished my newest novel, “The Eagles nest.”

It is the story of a fantastic mansion built on the cliffs over looking the Pacific Ocean in an area of Mexico, just about to become the new state of California.

Mr. Heart, a wealthy east coast stockbroker and millionaire investor, has longed for a mansion “out west” to place his finest art pieces in. He already has several mansions along the east coast filled with art, but the weather is damp. He longs for the dry climate to protect his best pieces.

This is the story of the mansion’s creation and its fantastic stories soon to spread nation wide. The story is told by the third generation of caretakers and the town’s doctor. Are these wild stories true or just intended to keep the locals and the thieves at bay.

This novel is filled with many interesting characters and events that will keep you wondering.

The first chapter of “The Eagle’s Nest” is on this website along with the first chapters of my other novels. They are all available on Amazon and in The Kindle lending Library.

Don’t forget to take a look at my travel blog. With these lockdowns, this is a good way to armchair travel.

Thank you as always and have a great Holiday Season, R.C. Hand.