Sunday, Jan. 10, 2021 Mongolian Adventures

Have you had the good fortune of traveling to Mongolia? I hope so.

It is a wonderful and interesting place.

We were there a few years ago for the “eriin gurvan naadam” games.

That’s wrestling, horse back riding and archery competitions for those of you who don’t know.

Come to my travel blog and read about our adventures there, including about my wife doing “snuff” with a local in the audience of the bone tossing competition called “shagai.”

Hopefully we will all be able to start traveling again, soon. However, these short stories and photos will have to do until that time arrives.

By the way, there are no weight catagories in these wrestling events. The best just keep on wrestling. So, a giant fellow could come up against a smaller wrestler.

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Waiting for the next match

This painting below by your’s truly is of the “Cliffs of Fire in Mongolia.” It is where the first dinosaur eggs were discovered.