August 18, 2021 – Special visitors

It’s always nice to have visitors coming into town to stay with us. Sometimes we know them and some times we don’t.

We have had friends of my wife’s family in London come to town and stay with us while on a tour of the United States. We always enjoy the change of routine and excitement that comes with strangers.

This time we had a couple come who are family members but not seen for decades, through no fault of ours or theirs.

It is always enjoyable to hear a different perspective on the worlds problems and positive aspects of it from those of a different generation and different point of view.

That’s how I feel, anyway. They were pleasant visitors and easy to make feel at home. Some politics came up, but we discussed it like the intelligent adults that we are and things went well.

Life is hard at best, and these moments remind us how much fun one can have with new friends and adventures.

If you have the chance to have some strangers come to stay with you, take the risk. You might have a great time and learn a few important and fun things. Life is too short to be right all of the time and to try to prove it to everyone.

Grow up and have some fun.

Do you feel trapped? Has the travel lockdown got you depressed? Take some time and have a look at my travel blog and remember what life use to be like in the “good old days” when you could go anywhere you wanted whenever you wanted.

Now, sadly, we all know how many of the worlds people feel most of the time.

I wish all of you and peace, safe times and good health.