Dec. 11, 2021 – Christmas Greetings

What ever holiday you celebrate at this time of year, enjoy. I hope you and ours are all well.

We are mixed family in our home as far as religion goes.

We don’t have a problem with this, as each religion, no matter which one, was created to make the world a better place for all of us.

Please remember those less fortunate than yourself and try to help them whenever possible.

My friends here are getting an early start at celebrating. I will make sure that they have a designated driver when and if they ever finally, decide to leave.

They have overstayed their welcome as far as I am concerned.

Please take a look at the first chapter of each of my novels here on my website. If you find it interesting, tell a friend or two to help grow my audience.

By the way, there is a fun and informative audio interview of me by from England.

The title is “Growing up with murderers.”

My holiday friends and I wish you a great holiday season and a wonderful New Year.