April 18, 2022 – The makeshift elevator

I was the youngest brother of four siblings. We had a younger sister also.

My older brothers often played rough and tumble games were balls were often used.

Some of those balls would get up on the roof of our house. Some would roll off easily and others not. Frisbees were often stuck up on the roof.

It wasn’t a problem to retrieve them however.

My brothers would sit me down at the large garage door with my feet against it as I held the handle. They would raise the door and I would then walk on to the roof of the house and retrive the ball or frisbee. Sometimes they would bring me right back down and sometimes they wouldn’t.

It wouldn’t be unusual to see a young child walking on the roof of our house. That would have been myself.

I have little fear of heights, but I do not like being trapped in small places. Who does?

I can clearly remember being at the bottom of football dog piles and wanting to get out as soon as possible.

Often I remained trapped longer than I felt comfortable.

I think that is where my fear of confined spaces came from.

Children do interesting things when given the freedom to do so. I had a lot of freedom and still survived.

I guess that says something about my parents skill at parenting or the existence of luck.