May 30, 2022 – An interesting event

When I was in the middle of eighth grade we lost the lease on our building and had to find a new location. My father found a fine and much more attractive place just outside of Bonsall Ca.

At the time it had a population of five hundred people.

I started school at the very small school and soon settled in.

The new place had several apartments or rooms attached to it, so we lived there as well.

One day as I passed through the bar doing errands of one type or another, I noticed a group of men and women at the bar.

There were about five or six people all together. One looked like a motor cycle club member with thick arms, a leather wrist band and was wearing a leather jacket.

Remember, I am about twelve. I settled in next to this group and started listening and then joined into the conversation. I am no wallflower.

I asked this person in the leather jacket why he wore the wrist band. His answer follows. “When I drink too much, I sometimes hit the glass on the front of the nearest jukebox and destroy it. This protects my blood veins”

Hum, I thought. “That sounds interesting.”

Soon enough nature called as it does when drinking several beers one ofter the other and this person went to the bathroom.

I watched in horror and awe as this person entered the ladies restroom.

When that person came out I saw a completely different person. Or that is to say that I saw the person more clearly and was totally shocked and confused.

The closer I looked, the more I understood and was at the same time confused. It was a woman.

This was my first encounter with a “butch” lesbian.

We had had a fine conversation that was both interesting and eye opening as many encounters with bar patrons in my youth were.

She was the same person, I just now knew a little bit more about her leanings.

I was young and had the advantage of having an open mind at that time.

I was exposed to many interesting things in my early life and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

She seemed to be a pleasant person when sober and the fact that she had a different “life style” was none of my business and did me or others no harm.

Live and let live is my motto. I wont ask you to believe what I believe in and you can keep your beliefs to your self.

I probably don’t go to your church and don’t necessarily want you to come to mine.

I have my own issues and don’t have the time to tell you what or how to believe.

I expect the same friendly and kind treatment from you.