June 9, 2022 – Kew Gardens

We took the tube out to Kew Gardens today.

King George the lll had a home here and a large garden-park sitting all around it. There are several glass green houses filled with many palms and other plants that grow in warmer climes.

King George came here often when he was suffering from his mental illness.

Sadly he wasn’t cured by the painful and cruel treatments that he under went her.

He was kept on the first floor from his beloved family. It is said that he was a great father to his many children.

It is a four story square brick building painted red. It has a small formal garden in the rear. The garden is very beautiful.

George the lll is my grandfather from many generations ago. I know one can gain a living space in a mental hospital for making comments like this, but it is true.

I have had my family tree researched a good deal and this is one of the interesting results of that investigation. Sadly I receive no financial or political clout from this distant relationship.

The weather was lovely here today with just the slightest spray of a mist for a few moments.

Our bodies are still on English time from our visit here just five weeks ago for a 90th birthday of a very special lady. That recent trip helped us get used to the time change from here and America.

We had to change our rooms at The Strand Palace and they were very accommodating. Thank you for that, The Strand Palace. We always stay here when we come to London. The location is perfect. It is right at Covent Garden and near two “tube” stations.

We are off for Italian tonight with my wife’s cousin and her partner. We have known and loved her since she was a belly.

The Jubilee decorations are quickly coming down.

There seemed to be vey little available in the way of souvenirs, sadly.

I will put up pictures for these stories tomorrow.