July 2, 2022 – The Diamond

I was talking to my neighbor at our mailboxes several years ago when he mentioned that his daughter had left her wedding ring on the roof of her car while changing her babies’ diapers.

I don’t wait around to pester my neighbors there. I just linger a bit.

Anyway, his daughter forgot her ring was on top of the car and drove home. When she arrived home she realized what she had done. This had happened a few days before I heard the story.

I am always looking at the ground for nails as I worked in construction and there is always remodeling going on in my condo complex. I have had more than enough flat tires in my day and have found many interesting things on the ground while looking for nails, but that’s another story.

I decided to try and find the ring.

I went out the next afternoon and searched the area carefully.

Obviously the family of this young woman had done the same, but without success.

After a few moments I found the ring. It had been run over several times as it was in the road. It looked a little beat up, but it wasn’t in awful shape. Sadly, I couldn’t find the diamond.

My son was with us that weekend. He was about nine or ten years old. I suggested that he and his best friend should go down to the area where I found the ring and do a little searching around for the diamond.

I made it sound like an adventure of sorts. There might have been a small offer of money by me to improve their attitude a little.

Yes, they eventually found this little diamond glittering on the ground after some time searching and brought it back to me.

I took the undamaged diamond to my neighbor and gave it to him. He was thrilled and astounded that my son and his buddy had found the diamond.

There are few things in life that are guaranteed.

However, in my experience, if you work hard enough at something the results you want will eventually be within reach.

I guess the lesson is not to give up.

I have another story about a lost diamond ring that I will put up in a few days.

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