February 9, 2003 – A fun audio interview

Don’t miss the interesting and fun hour audio interview of me by brian@briantellsstories.com from England.

He did a great job and we had an interesting experience. He is a high energy travel blogger who came across my travel blog here. He found my childhood interesting enough to sit down with me and interview me at length about it.

Please grab a beverage of your choice, sit back and enjoy.

Just come to my Facebook page at R.C. Hand and scroll up until you see the photo of the monks and click on it. There are several other video interviews there as well.

You won’t be disappointed.

“Sunrise, Sunset,” my book of ten short stories is on Amazon and is now available as an Audible book.

There will be more Audible books coming soon.

Thanks for coming and spending some time here with me.

As always, I’m behind the curtain.