March 1, 2003 – My work truck

I have always been a truck owner.

Not the kind of truck owner whose truck is cared for and pampered like a new infant, but one that is well used and put to hard labor.

I once got a job to remodel the outside wall of an upstairs patio because my truck was so very dirty.

The wife reasoned that I was too busy to wash it and therefore had the skills that she needed to complete her desired job.

She was no fool. She had married a dental student and pushed him to great monetary success and professional achievement. They lived in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Southern California which proved the point.

She was correct in thinking that I was too busy to wash my truck.

I had that first truck for seventeen years and washed it twice. I worked six days a week for thirty-eight years and had little time to worry about washing it or those that followed.

Cement is a tough customer and when it gets on your vehicle, it is there to stay if you don’t wash it off instantly. So the choices are one of two. Wash each speck of cement off of your vehicle and complete nothing or do your job well, quickly, drive a dirty truck and become wildly successful. I chose the latter.

I have kept my cars and trucks forever over the years. I have the use of them for many years without a car payment and use that money for more important or useful purposes.

No one cares about what kind of car you or I drive or what they might cost. If you believe that you are kidding yourself.

A smart woman marries a man because he has the potential to make a good income as it is necessary to live and raise a family in some comfort.

When you see a young man driving an expensive vehicle, he is either single or hasn’t yet figured out that there are more important things in life to spend his money on.

His girlfriend and soon to be wife will make the needed adjustments in his spending habits if she is an intelligent female.

I’m not going to say that it is destined to happen, but it will if you marry the right woman.

Once you start making more than enough money to keep your family in the proper or desired level of comfort, then you as the husband, may buy “the car of your dreams.”

However at this point in your life your dreams should be to care for your growing family and the woman who made you the man you are today.

This photo is around thirty-five years old.

Remember to buy American products if possible.

It’s easy to see that I am a married man here. I am well dressed, my shoes match and I have arrived in the neighborhood of my dreams. All of this is due to my wife.