March 11, 2003 – The American Dream

“The American Dream” is not dead. It was just never very easy to create.

If you tell your children that it’s dead, then you have stolen their future from them before they have even tried to create it. That is the worst type of child abuse.

All things important in life and that are good for you are usually difficult to acquire. Success is no different.

I was in Palm Desert a few weeks ago with my wife and friends doing a little shopping. We went looking for some ice cream after we had finished. It was a lovely, warm day.

We came across a nice little stand with hand crafted frozen custard of many interesting flavors at the Gardens on El Paseo.

Do you know the difference between custard and ice cream? Look it up if you don’t, I’ll wait.

It turned out that the proprietor was from another country and decided to come to America to fulfill his dreams. He spoke perfect English with no accent. I found that as interesting as his personal story.

I suppose his wife is the brains behind the business, but that’s usually the case, isn’t it.

We men are good at many things, but a good woman will make us ten times more successful than if we were to try to go out on our own. That’s just the way it is.

She makes the custard and he sells it from their attractive, mobile stand.

If you want some great frozen custard when your in the area, you can also come to their other location at 42-575 Melanie Place, Site F, Palm Desert, Ca.

Help grow another American success story.