Oct. 12, 2023 – Dinner in Amman

We went out tonight for dinner as a group to Tawaheen Al-Hawa.

Two of the women traveling with us in our group are long time friends. One lives in San Diego and the other lives in Spain. We have two nurses on this trip also. Nice and handy, just in case.

This is a large, beautiful, multi-story building.

There is open air dinning and smaller rooms with more tables up stairs.

The menu is set. There are many items that have arrived at our table.

There are two types of bread, lamb sausage, chicken, yogurt and humus of several types. We see some unfamiliar fruit as well as some we recognize.

Several non alcoholic drinks are available. I don’t drink alcohol so that’s not a problem for me. You might be surprised at that when you see my many typos here. The variety of the drinks is wonderful.

There is more than enough food and it is served family style. The left overs, by the way, find their way to families in need so nothing is wasted. Don’t miss coming here the next time you come to Amman.

The weather is great. It is a little cool in the evenings here but some of us like that.

Again, we travel to see “different things.” What would be the point of traveling if everything was the same. So, enjoy the little differences as you come across them.

There will be more as we go south and away from large cities.

The driving here is “different.” It is going to get much more “different” as this trip continues.

You may have read this here before, but I think this is an interesting fact. The first street with a painted line down the middle of it was in Indio, California in the early 20th century.

A female doctor saw many accidents happening on a curve near where she worked. She asked the city council to have the public works department paint a line down the middle of the road.

They refused, so she did it herself and the accident rate went down. Who knew.

I saw this story by Huell Howser on his show “California Gold.” God rest his interesting soul.