Oct.22,2023 – The Egyptian Sailing Code

Our very large room is on the water line. The second deck is our dinning room.

Above my veranda a sailor is manning the tiller. I can hear him walking above me.

I can see the large rudder below me in the slow moving, green, water. There is a tall box on my veranda which covers the long rod the attaches to the rudder.

The sailor has a rope coming from each side of the ship passing through turn buckles.

He pulls on them to change the the direction of the stern of the boat.

Remember, we are being towed by a tugboat about a hundred feet ahead of us.

We are slowly coming to rest on the shore between two boats. Our ship has been disconnected from the tug and the tillerman is guiding the ship to rest at the edge of the river.

We are slowly coming to rest between tow ships.

The boat is around sixty feet long and the crewman has placed the boat just where it needed to be.

Good work men.