Feb.12, 2024 – Tonight’s the night.

I will be back onstage to tell another six minute true story at The Long Beach Searches for The Greatest Storyteller event tonight at Malainey’s Grill & One Hell of an Irish Bar in Long Beach, Ca.

There will be other storytellers on stage along with our hostess, Mariana Williams. Perhaps her husband Paul Williams will add to the mix of stories.

As always the host, writer and creator, Mariana Williams will be on hand to run the show.

My videos of the storytelling events there are on Instagram and Facebook at R.C. Hand.

I have a new interview on Youtube and Facebook with Nick Ronald at Secret Influence T.V. from London. We talk about writing, travel and what keeps us on this adventure of ours.

The interview is also on Facebook at R.C. Hand along with other interesting stories, photos and videos from many places that my wife and I have visited over forty years of marriage.

The video of my Feb.12th on stage true storytelling is now on Facebook and Instagram. I think it went well.

But most importantly, we all had some good fun.

We are leaving soon on a cruise from Bali to Japan. We will see some of Borneo, Indonesia, Taiwan, The Philippines and Japan.

As usual, I will take some videos and photos and put them up on my website for your enjoyment.

Take care, R.C. Hand.