April 15, 2024 – Chapter Five of “The Bad Seed”

The golf game had gone well with is wife. Julie seemed to be enjoying the game and the company of their friends. The wind was slighter than usual and the sun was behind thin clouds that made the day just a little cooler.

They had a nice long lunch and visit. It was a perfect day. Julie seemed to have calmed down as far as Jay concerned. At least for the moment. She had two glasses of wine to his one.

They came home and had a fun night watching television. His promised surprise arrived sooner than expected. Julie was soon asleep in bed. It was twelve midnight.

Jay left the room quietly after putting his pajama bottoms on, though he knew Julie could sleep through anything.

Jay then walked down the long hall and entered his office. He sat down at his large desk and found a few sheets of paper and his pens sitting in a cup on the back edge of his desk. He started creating a flow chart. It was still a small one with few characters and locations.

He had only one location and two people of interest at the time. One was the man he saw in the parking lot. The other was the man he would “bump into” in Oscars at some point. The one that his confidential informant had told him about. Jay had seen him once and had a good discription of him. Jay saw him enter Oscar’s twice in two days. He seemed to be a regular.

Jay still had to find out where his enemies lived and how many there were. He already sensed that Oscar’s was their meeting point to deliver drugs after they were broken down into smaller and more manageable sized parcels, perhaps. Where did that happen?

What was that black SUV doing going into his sister’s neighborhood and who did it belong to? Did a resident own it? Perhaps that was where those two idiots were going when they came upon Billy. Why else would the black Cadillac be there. It had to be the one of two that he had followed away from Oscar’s. There was no doubt about that. They were a good choice for criminals as they did have room for several men and plenty of drugs as well. That seemed like a lead worth following. He had written the plate numbers down, of course.

The phone rang as Jay sat at his desk. Jay swiveled his brown leather chair a little and leaned back with his feet on the desk and picked up his cell phone.

“Hello, a soft voice said.” It was his informer, Robert again.

“Hey Jay, I have some interesting news to share about those two idiots that were beating your nephew to a pulp. They’ve made bail and they’re out now.” The third one is still locked up. He has warrants from another jurisdiction.

“Thanks for the heads up. I’ll have to try to find out what they’re up to and who they contact.”

“I’ll keep my ears open. There are many out here near me who want them taken care of if you get my drift. They’ll show up at Oscar’s at some point, no doubt. It is all centered around that place and Sam Cornel. He owns that place Jay. I just found out. And he lives on 3223 Sand Dune, just around the corner from your sister.”

“Thanks for that bit of information. I can get in there and check his place out whenever I want to. I have some things to figure out now and this info will help. Thanks again. “

Jay went back to bed with several questions swirling in his head. “It wouldn’t be the first time a very successful criminal lived right among the regular citizens in a city or town. It’s a perfect place to hide.”

In the morning after a fitful night’s sleep and a fine breakfast made by a happy wife, Jay then went back into is office. He went in there every morning. Julie had no idea why, but it didn’t matter to her. “Perhaps it was just habit after working at a desk for thirty years,” she thought.

Jay picked up his house phone and called the chief’s direct line. The phone was answered quickly.

Hey boss, it’s Jay. We need to talk.”

“Sure no problem. I actually forgot I gave you this number. I thought it was my wife. Come on down.”

“I’ll be there in half an hour.” “Great Jay, I’ll be here.”

Jay drove down to the police department and met with the chief. “Hey Jay, How are you doing?” “Great Chief, how about you?” “Well, that depends on what you need me to do for you.” “I need you to let me help you. I have may have a little more felxability, if you allow me some. I can do things you can’t and I will do my best to keep it from coming back on you.” This is a tough, that’s for sure.” “Do you have any insight to what may be going on?” Jay didn’t mention that he was already deeply involved. I can get inside this organization with your help. “Just let me do what I do best.”

“Well, I will one one condition. It doesn’t come back on me. If it does my wife will kill the both of us if your wife doesn’t get to us first. Be careful and try not to get the media involved. I will assist you in any way possible.” Jay left the office with feeling that he had the complete support of the chief.

As he left the office and pondered his next move, he knew that he had to have another car. His blue Corvette would stand out like a neon sign. He drove down the street to the first large parking lot and saw his brother’s supermarket in front of him. That gave him a good Idea. His brother was the manager there. It seemed like a good choice to change cars and it held a few other advantages. If he were to be followed, he could go through as if shopping and leave out the rear door. If he could get is brother to cooperate, things would be much easier. They were not as close as he would have liked at the moment but he held some hope that he might help. Jay had to admit that he wasn’t the best older brother.

He walked into the store and into the back office. A few employees watched him go into the store office and wondered who he was. He saw Matilda sitting at the desk. “Oh crap,” he thought, she still works here. Hey sweetheart, I haven’t seen you for sometime.” “Not since your wedding Jay. That was surprise considering the circumstances, don’t you think?” Oh Matilda, I just fell in love with that woman at first site.” “You might have called me instead of ghosting me Jay.” “Yes, you’re right, but I was a little bit of an ass back then.” “Have things changed much since then Jay? You almost broke my heart.”

Matilda, sitting at his brother’s outer office had made it difficult for Jay to come and see Seth as often as he might have wanted to. He had been dating her off and on and then met Julie. It was on to the races with Julie after that. It had been years ago, but like some women, she still held a little grudge, to say the least. He had hoped she might have gotten transferred to another store.

“Can I get in to see my brother. I need to have a chat with him.” “I’ll check. Don’t run out and disappear while I look into his office Jay.” She walked a few steps into the office of his brother and then came back out. “You’re still here, that’s a first for you, I think. He’ll see you now, he just got off of the phone. go on in Jay.”

Jay walked in and saw his brother sitting behind the desk that he had worked so long and hard for. He looked like he belonged there, or so Jay thought.

“Seth, I need a favor.” “What a surprise. The only time I see you is when your taking money from me in the weekly card game or when you need a favor. What is it now?” “I need the combination to the back door of the store. I’m working on something and would really help me.” “Jesus H. Christ Jay, I can’t give you the combo to that. It’s against store policy first of all and then there is your failure to follow the simplest rues of polite society. When was the last time to came over to see your two nephews?”

“I know I’m a bad uncle and a worse brother Seth, but this is important.” “You’re retired Jay. What are you doing. Are you cheating on your wife? I won’t be a party to that you idiot.” “No Seth, I’m back in the saddle again for a short assignment. I have the go ahead from the chief. Your store will be an important part of my plan.”

“I shouldn’t do it Jay. It will cost me my job and marriage if it goes south.” “It will all go down as planned. I promise.” “You need to come out and see my two boys at least once a month if I do this for you Jay. If you don’t I’ll set my wife and your’s on you. You know how that will turn out.” “I promise to be a better brother and uncle Seth.”

“Well that isn’t saying a whole hell of a lot Jay, but it’s a start. The combo is thirteen-twenty-nine-eighty-one.” Jay stood as if in a trance and stared at the ceiling. “Don’t you need to write it down or something Jay?” “No Seth, I got it locked down firm in my head now. It isn’t going anywhere. I need to get out of here now. I have things to do. Yeah, well thanks a lot to you Jay. I lost twenty bucks at the card game last night and my wife is really upset. If this goes haywire, were both dead.” “I need to get out of here before Matilda comes after me with a pair of scissors Seth.” “Are we good.” “Yeah, we’re good.

Jay left the building and drove around the back of it. He put his brights on and looked the rear parking lot over carefully. It had a few blind spots in it which suited Jay perfectly. They would help him hide his car after he changed from his Corvette to whatever he ended up driving.

He drove home and went to bed but didn’t sleep well. He had to much on his mind.He got up and went into his office.

He looked on his computer for an Uber ride. He found an add that he liked and called the number. “This is David Bleeker, do you need a ride?” a male voice answered from the other end of the line. “Yes, I do. I need to be picked up on Garfield at the shopping center at nine am tomorrow. I’ll be standing on the corner wIth a blue shirt on. My name Jay Kirby. Can you do that?” “Sure Mr.Kirby, I can meet you then and there.” “Great, I’ll see you then.”

In the morning David Bleeker met Jay at the corner after Jay had stashed his car behind the market. David saw him do it and wondered what that was all about, but he needed the money and thought he could take care of this guy if something odd happened. It wouldn’t be the first time he would have beaten up a customer for one reason or another.

“Glad to see you made it David, I need a ride down the road just a piece. Turn left at the car rental place up on the right.” “Do you know the car rental place down the street?” “Yes,” was David’s answer. They drove for sometime down the main boulevard and David revealed a little about his past as they talked. David was a veteran and lived by himself out from downtown. He liked his work and had some unclear plans for the future.

“If I needed a little help with something, would you be interested?” David asked. “Well that depends. I don’t want to end up in jail again. I spent thirty days in the brig and didn’t find anything positive about it, except by the third week when I started to like the food.” “Give me your number and I’ll call you a few days ahead of time if something comes up.”

Jay knew that he would call David. David was self assured and bigger than most guys. That in itself was an asset not to be overlooked, and he had been in the infantry and could handle himself. He had been trained with firearms and he was a crack shot, to hear David tell it. Time would prove wether that was true or not. The car rental yard was just past Oscar’s and seemed to have enough cars out front to find one that suited him.

“The car lot is right up here David.”

David pulled in and waited for further instructions. He looked at Jay in the back seat through the mirror. “Stay here David. I shouldn’t be very long.”

Jay walked into the small office and a nice looking middle aged woman met him standing behind her desk. “Hello sir, how might I help you?” She was a little on the tall and thin side with blonde hair. She had a remnant of a southern accent.

“My name is Jay Kirby and I’m a looking for a car for about a week. I deliver blood to the local hospitals and my car is in the shop. They say it’ll be done in a week or ten days. Have you got something that might keep me moving for a week at least?” “Yes Mr. Kirby, I have an old Nova that isn’t that pretty to look at but runs circles around most of the other cars. What do you think. She’s sitting out there right now. She’s the gold one.”

“Oh yeah I can see it from here. She ain’t half bad. Can I get up close to her and see if she looks as good as she does from here?” ‘Why sure, but not may of us look that good up close after this many years Jay.” They both laughed as they walked across the lot to look at the car.

“Yes, what’s your name again?” “Susan, Susan Gardner. I didn’t mention it before. I try to keep that out of the conversation until something has been settled first.” “Well Mrs Gardner, it’s Mrs Gardener isn’t it?” “Not for some time Jay. Oh, I find that hard to believe.” “Well Jay Kirby, if you keep talking like that I might let you keep the car for eight days.” “Well, I think I will take it and hope for the best.” “She’s a fine car Jay and everything works just great. I just had here tuned up.” “Can I take her for a test drive?” “You bet, just leave me your wallet and everything you have in your pockets.” They both laughed again as Jay put his wallet in her open hand.

He walked over to David and leaned into the window on the passenger’s side. I’m going for a test drive, don”t leave.” “I’m not going any where mister, you haven’t paid me yet.” “Well that’s a good point David. Sit tight.”

Jay Took the car off the lot and out into the desert toward his home off to the east. He put the accelerator down and held it there. The car jumped into passing gear and went like hell. Jay was pleasantly surprised. He made a u-turn and flew back into town and then slowed down before Susan could see him. The car hadn’t over heated or complained in any way. the transmission seemed to be in perfect order.

“Well, I think she’s the one for me, Susan. Let’s fill out the paper work.” Jay reappeared in front of David in twenty minutes with the keys to the car in his hand.

Jay went home after reminding David that he might call him. Jay drove back to the shopping center and parked the Nova in and around behind a dumpster. The dumpster was just about as big as the Nova.

In the morning Jay received another phone call from his CI. It helped him firm up his plan.

Jay put the phone down and called David Bleaker on his cell phone.”

“This is David, where do you need to go?” “It’s Jay, David.”

“Oh, what’s up?” “Do you know that little cafe across from Oscar’s down on the Boulevard?” “Sure. I eat there often. I don’t like my own cooking much, so I know the place well.”

“Can you meet me there in the morning around nine or so?” “Sure. What’s up?” “I have more information at hand now. I think I have a beginning of a plan.” “Great, I’ll be there.”

Jay left the office and gave Julie a kiss and hug. She looked at him and smiled that smile of her’s. “Thanks for last night, I needed that.” “Me too, Julie. Are you still mad at me Julie?” “Just a little.”

“I’m staying out of trouble as promised. I’m going down to see the chief this morning to see what’s been going on with the case. I haven’t a clue.”

Jay wasn’t completely lying. He didn’t have all the pieces yet, but he was working hard at trying to figure out what he didn’t already know.”

He grabbed his black leather jacket and left the house. It was seven thirty in the morning.

Jay reached the police station at eight. He was going to meet David around nine. He could always call him if the chief was going to keep him longer. Jay had two license numbers and the name Sam Cornel to give to the chief. Perhaps something might come to light with those bits of information.

Jay passed through the metal detector and found his way to the chief’s office. He was sitting behind the desk in his sharply pressed uniform. He looked a decade younger than he actually was.

“Sit Jay. What do you have for me?” “Well, I have two plate numbers from vehicles frequenting Oscar’s and I now know the name of the guy who owns Oscar’s. I also know where he lives. He is certainly connected to the beating of my nephew in some way. Perhaps not directly, but it was due to these men coming to that house that my family became involved.”

“Yes, I understand that and assure you that we will figure this out. We have the name of the owner of Oscar’s as well. We lost the chance to talk to two of those suspects from your sister’s house. They were lawyered up and then got bailed out.”

“Yes chief, I heard that from my sources already. What a shame we didn’t get a chance to make a deal with them before they left.”

“I don’t think they would have gone for a deal. They know what would happen if they talked Jay. They may already be in deep trouble or dead as we speak.”

“What else are you up to Jay?” You seem to have kept some good sources by the way.”

“Well, it took me years to develop them and I have tried to keep in contact. Perhaps with them more than you and the department. Since I have retired I have little use of your resources.”

“Yes, that’s a tricky situation. This thing we are working on now is even a bit risky for the both of us. I might get fired and lose my pension, but you might get hurt or worse. Your wife will never forgive me if that happens and I won’t be able to show my face at your country club.

“I’m sure everything will work out fine. I’ going to do a little undercover work soon and see if I might get acquainted with this guy that my source told me about. He looks promising.”

“Alright then Jay, anything else?” The chief stood up as he spoke and put out his large hand.

“No chief, I think were good. I’ll let you know if I need anything out of the ordinary.”

Jay left the office and headed for is meeting with David at the restaurant. He had ten minutes to make it. Jay thought that was plenty of time as he got into his car.

David hadn’t slept well the night before either.

He dreamed about his father and the life they had shared.

Sam Bleaker was an unhappy soul and a violent man. David had left home early and joined the Marines to escape the dangers at home. A chance at a violent end with weapons and training from the Marines looked better to David than a certain death at the hands of his father.

His mother was useless at keeping him safe from his father. She had demons of her own. David didn’t know why or from whom. Then there from her point of view her issues with her husband and son were insurmountable as far as she could tell. She was unable to deal with them or her past and decided to end her life when David was twelve. The circle was complete or nearly so.

David never saw his father after going into the Marines. He never tried to find his father and his father never contacted him. His father was dead as far as David was concerned.

David realized years later that his childhood had been different than most. It did little good to know that at the time. But he thought that for what ever reason, it was better to know than to wonder. His life was simple now, if not perfect. All he needed was a regular job, a place to live and food. He had all of that and was satisfied for the moment. He had learned not to hope for more. He didn’t deserve more as far as he knew.

More to come later.

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