May 3, 2024 – Back to my Asian trip-Manilla

More of “The Bad Seed” is coming in a few hours.

The name Manila comes for “water flower.” We spent the day with fellow travelers through the city. The first stop was the military cemetery. It is a beautiful setting with thousands of empty grave sites for those missing in acton and the unknowns. It reminded us of the cost of freedom from tyranny. There is lots of history here about the Chinese, Spaniards and the Americans. We went to The Chinese cemetery in Manila where we saw mausoleums as large as houses and even bigger built by wealthy families for family members long departed. The land lease is for 25 years at a time. We went to a Buddhist Temple there where Jesus was represented inside as well. Cats roam the grounds and the care taker watches over them as well. There seems to be no conflict between religions here. The local political scene is interesting as well. Akino was the boyfriend of Imelda Marcos, a runner up beauty queen, before she married Ferdinand Marcos. She didn’t have 3000 pairs of shoes, she had more all over town in other apartments and homes. We saw the oldest Catholic Church in Manila founded in 1571 and built from 1587 to 1606. It is San Augustine Church with its art and antiquities on display inside the walled city of Intramuros. It is of the Augustine order. There were antique paintings and city maps on display. We went to hotel for lunch and then to the fort. No, I’m not interested in going down into the dungeon, thanks. R.J. was our guide and was very personable and did a fine job. I find the wether here to my liking. Warm with a nice breeze.