May 4, 2024- Chapter Eighteen “The Bad Seed”

If you have already read chapter seventeen before today, reread it. I worked on it a little more and added some more details. The same goes for this one.

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Jay arrived at Susan’s home. She let him after she heard him knocking on the front door. She looked through the peep hole to make sure of who it was. Susan had learned to be a very careful woman from her work in the past. She led Jay through the house to the patio where she and David had already started on their morning coffee. He sat down in his chair at the table and joined them.

“How are you today Jay, Susan asked.” “Just fine, how about you guys?” “Well, I’m still trying to get David here to move in with me.” Jay looked at Susan and smiled. “Oh, you nasty man. Not like that. Just as a room mate. He’s too young for me, but then again,” she looked at David and smiled a wicked smile. “She’s just kidding David,” Jay said as he took another sip of coffee. “How are you today David?” “Fine, I had a good night’s sleep for a change and feel great. I’m up for anything.” Susan cast a serious look at Jay and then looked away to the pool.

“What did you do in the military David.” “I started out in the infantry Sam, and then went in for some special training and became a sniper.” “Oh, I see. Is that why you have trouble sleeping?” “Well that place over there was filled with some awful things. I had to go out on some difficult missions and do some hard things. I didn’t always agree with doing the task at hand but that was my job. My memories are full of tragedy and sorrow. I’d rather not talk about it.” “I get it David,” Susan said. “Been there done that, but in time you will remember these events less often and not as clearly. Your life is on the up swing and don’t forget it. You’re safe now with us.”

“What’s on the agenda for today then Jay?” “Well Susan, I have added a little twist to the menu. I have brought some weed that I came across a while back and we’re going to put that in Sam’s car along with the gun. That should enhance the charges coming his way.” “Great Jay. Let’s all go into my lair and get your faces done.”

The three people walked in to that brightly lit room that had once been the den. In one and a half hours the transformation was complete for both Jay and David. It didn’t take as long as the first time. Susan had everything within reach now and new exactly what she had to do.

Susan made sure that she had the gun in her purse before leaving the house. They left in two cars for the golf course. Jay was in the old Nova. The wind was hardly blowing today. When they arrived there, Jay gave Susan the keys to his car and then entered the restaurant. David and Susan waited in David’s little compact for Sam to arrive. Susan, rightly thought, that her car might stand out too much, being large and bright white and so had left it at home.

Sam arrived in the golf course parking lot ten minutes after Jay went inside. Jay asked for a table in the far corner of the room and the hostess led him to the one he desired. He sat looking in the direction of the lot. The view was perfect. This set up would put Sam’s back to where he had parked his car.

Sam arrived a short time later and parked near the far edge of the lot to avoid getting nicks in his Rolls Royce. It was a few years old but still looked like new. The berms kept Sam from Susan and David’s view as they waited for him to entered the lot.

Susan and David watched Sam slowly get out of his car and walk into the restaurant. He was very well dressed. His suit was very expensive and fit him very well. He looked like any other business man, but much better dressed.

Susan and David waited in David’s car until they could see Sam being led away by the hostess inside of the restaurant.

“How are we going to get into the car Susan, I didn’t bring my Slim Jim. “No problem David, I have my lock pick set.” David looked down at her purse and then back up at her. “Your what?” “I have many skills David, don’t worry about the small details. I’ll take care of that. “Should we go in at the drivers door or just the trunk. “Both David, but just follow and watch for anyone coming our way for the moment. Let’s go.” Susan and David got out of the car and unlocked Jay’s trunk. “Grab that bag David and follow me.” David followed right behind her as they walked to Sam’s car.

Susan pulled her lock pick set out of her purse as she reached Sam’s car. David stood by as her look out. “Just relax David, this won’t take long.” Susan squatted down and pulled one of the picks from the small black bag that sat in her purse. She was soon at work, with her eyes closed and seemingly concentrating, very hard. Her lips were held tightly together. There was a wrinkle at each corner of her mouth. In less than a minute she had the door open and had slid the gun in under the seat next to the ladies panties. Her hand brushed up next to them and she brought them out to take a look at what she had felt next to her hand. “I had forgotten about these,” she said smiling at David. “Nice choice you rascal.”

She put the panties back under the seat wrapped around the gun and closed the door. Next they walked to the trunk. She unlocked it in the same way. It was quicker than the door. “Drop the bag of weed here in here David, quick. David did as he was told. Then she closed the trunk.” Stay calm and walk casually back to your car. No one will notice. Good job David.”

Old men drove by the parking lot in their fancy golf carts drinking beer. They never noticed anything out of the ordinary. they were busy dreaming of the possibilities of a low score or perhaps a hole in one. The two of them walked back to her car, started it up and drove back to her house.

On the way back to her house they talked about the possibility of David moving in with her. The desert was flat with a few plants scattered here and there around them as they drove. It was a cloudless day. She was wearing him down and he was feeling more comfortable with her. Even though she seemed to be a woman with many secrets, he was starting to think he might like living with her. Or maybe it was because she had so many secrets, he wasn’t sure. She had made him curious about her and what she had done in the dim past.

Sam arrived at Jay’s table after searching the large room with his deep brown eyes. The hostess had offered to help, but Sam knew the face that he was searching for and she didn’t need her to bother, or so he had told her.

Good morning Sam, how are you?” “Oh, I have been better Gus. We had a long night with the police and then my wife started in on me again when I arrived home.” “I’m surprised you let her stay at your house after she tried to kill you.” “I think she was just trying to scare me. That is what I am telling myself, anyway. I may be a fool, but I do love her. Life isn’t often simple Gus. Some luggage arrived at my hose this morning and the fight started all over again. She has gone to her sister for a few days, thank goodness.”

“What are we here to talk about other than your wife Sam?” “Well. I have done my due diligence on you, Gus, and I think we may do some business together. I know about your activities up north. II have seen your arrest record.” “How did that happen?” “It’s a simple thing. Anyway, I have plenty of supply and can make use of more wholesale customers like you. You seem to have had some experience in the business, you have some connections that might be helpful to me and I like you.” “Thanks Sam. I feel the same. I am having trouble with my sources at the moment and need a new avenue of supply.” “I understand Gus. Things are difficult even for me and I have done this all of my life.

This new president of our country has caused me much grief. The borders aren’t what they once were, but this too shall pass. Who knows what the future holds.” “Yes. Anyone who thinks they can see the future, is a fool.

At that moment, Jay’s wife walked into the restaurant and straight toward the hostess desk. She was just twenty feet from Jay and a few feet above him. She talked with the hostess and then scanned the room as Sam had. She looked right in Jay’s direction but passed over him twice in a second with no sign of recognition.

His heart was in his throat. Would she recognize him and come down or if she recognized him would she know that he was working? She was a smart cookie. He hoped she wouldn’t ruin this meeting.

Soon another woman appeared and waved at Julie. They came together, hugged and walked over to a table not too far from him and Sam and settled in.

“What would you like for lunch Sam?” “Oh, nothing too spicy. My stomach is giving me some problems of late.” Jay wasn’t a bit surprised. Sam had a lot on his plate at the moment, as well. His wife was sitting just two tables away from him.

The two men looked over the menu and made their decisions. A waitress soon came by and took their orders. Two drinks soon arrived and the two men clinked their glasses together in a salute of future prospects.

After an hour and lunch was finished, Jay excused himself for a run to the bathroom.

He pulled out his phone and called the Chief of police on his private line. “Hello Jay, what’s new?” “Everything is set. You can pull Sam Cornel over anytime you want. I think you will find a few interesting things in his car. I had a call from a CI last night and he mentioned that to me.”

“Great Jay, will do a traffic on stop him downtown somewhere far from you and your friends.”

“Great sir, thanks. I gotta go now.”

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Obviously these little pieces aren’t chapters, but I think it is the easiest way to keep track. I have to work on my on stage true story for a few days now. I do that on the 6th at Malainey’s Grill & One Hell of an Irish Bar in Long Beach, Ca. I will get back to that after the show.

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