May 8th, 2024 – Diner out in Tokyo

Sunday the 24th.

We took a short bus ride into downtown Tokyo today for diner. It was raining just a little as we boarded the bus. I’m wearing a long sleeve “T” shirt. It’s perfect for me. I run a little on the hot side.

The road is elevated some of the way into town. There are many large buildings along the water front as we make the long turn north and into town. The traffic is slow and busy as it is Sunday. there are only two lanes running in each direction. There is little room to widen the roads. Not enough road for the cars, as usual in most modern cities.

The hotel is something else. The roof is glass with a large water feature below us. There are several restaurants and shops around us. The wide hallway is decorated with Japanese art of all types. Large porcelain pots, fans and wooden walls carved into deep reliefs of Japanese life.

We met a nice older couple at diner tonight but sadly we leave the ship tomorrow. There were eight of us together at the meal. The meal consisted of the typical Japanese fare. We had vegetables with several courses of fish, a little beef and miso soup. The dessert was fresh fruit. It’s no wonder the Japanese live so long.

Most others will remain on the ship for many more weeks and many more miles of sailing. There is some talk about just how may will finish the world cruise and how many will leave her unhappy and head else ware.

The dinner was wonderful with live Japanese music and dancing on stage.

I met many nice and interesting people on this cruise from many interesting places. That’s the point of travel for me. My life would still be very interesting if we didn’t travel, but not as rich and varied. We only get one shot here as far as I can tell, and I am going to make the most of it while I can.

We all end up in the same place, after all. I hope I go out on a plane to somewhere and not in front of the television watching some stupid show.

Don’t miss “The Bad Seed” being written on this travel blog now. I guess if you are here you can’t escape from it. That’s my plan after all.