May 9, 2024 – Chapter Twenty one “The Bad Seed”

Jay still had nearly 40 thousand dollars in a suit case in his garage that belonged to Sam. That money and the drugs found in Sam’s trunk were supposed to be delivered to Sam the night that Jay intervened at his sister’s house.

Jay was still working on a plan to use that money to his advantage. The options were many.

Would Sam be willing to do a small drug deal for $40,000.00? If so that might work out well for Jay. Any number of things could go wrong there for Sam Cornel. The options were almost limitless. The drugs could disappear with the money, or the police could show up unexpectedly and close down the whole operation and arrest everyone involved. Sam’s biggest issue was wether or not to let David and Susan in on that part of the plan. If they were uninformed, they wouldn’t be charged if anything went wrong. If Sam committed another crime while out on bail his bail would most likely be revoked.

“What’s the next step Jay?” Susan asked. Just as Jay was about to speak, his cell phone rang. “Hold on for a moment guys, I need to take this.”

Jay stood up and walked out to the pool and walked around it as he listened to the caller. He looked pleased to David and Susan. “What do you think Susan?” David asked. “Something’s up. I can feel it.”

David walked round the pool one more time. Susan saw Jay’s face as he came toward them seated in the living room near by. “I think I see a faint smile David. You may be right.” Jay’s shadow was now long beneath him and the head of it was pointing east. It was late in the afternoon. The wind was coming up as it usually did at this time of day in the desert. Jay ended his call and walked in to the living room.

“That was the chief. Sam was arrested with the weed and the gun in his car. The under ware was a nice touch, I think Susan.

His lawyer was there with Sam’s wife when he was released. The bail has been paid and Jay is now in deep trouble. The gun is going to ballistics as we speak. His wife saw it and the ladies garment. Who knows how Sams evening with his wife will turn out.”

David and Susan smiled and slapped hands with a high five. Their work had come to something after all.

David now had that feeling that had eluded him for sometime. David had been floundering since coming back from the war. He felt aimless and seemed to have no direction. Each day was the same as the last. Dull and hot. Now he had a feeling of accomplishment. It was good feeling that he hadn’t felt in sometime. His life had seemed to be on a slow downward descent. His personal life was non existent. He was alone in a strange city with no friends until now.

Susan had a much bigger reaction than David. Her past life had been consumed by world politics, scandals created by her and others and accidental ones put to some advantage for some country or another. She had been near the top first in the military and then in the civilian departments where the strings all came together. There was little difference between the two. She had a sense of accomplishment then and now to almost as large a degree.

She had been formulating a plan for Sam Cornel’s downfall on her own. It had been a slow and difficult ordeal. Then by some sort of miracle these two men came into her life. She had skills of course, she had been taught by the best. But a woman alone can only do so much.

Now Susan looked back in history and saw all of the women that came before her and changed the course of history. She had done that before under the control of the U.S. Government. Now she had done what had to be done with the help of two civilians. The task wasn’t finished yet, but she thought she might be able to see the crack of some kind of dawn approaching.

Jay hoped the gun had been used to kill the guard gate at his sister’s compound. He wasn’t sure but it was a possibility. If it was, then Sam Cornel would be going away for a long time. Who’s gun it was was any ones guess. It might have been stolen in a burglary. It didn’t matter. The gun was in Sam’s car and in his control. The finger prints might tell an interesting story of ownership and perhaps about more than one person who might have touched or held it. The serial number would surely help solve part of the mystery.

Sam Cornel’s father in law, Tony Lugano knew that Sam had been arrested before Sam made bail. He had sources everywhere in town. Perhaps someone had heard part of the arrest over a police scanner. The bad guys monitor them very closely as well as the good guys. If the car description was mentioned that could have led to a phone call to Loretta’s father. Sam’s car was a rare one and a few years old. There weren’t many about like his car. There were other sources in town as well.

Sam Cornel’s phone was ringing in his pocket as he entered his large home. It was nearly eleven am and he was hungry, sleepy and under attack from his wife.

“Loretta, It is obvious that we are being set up, can’t you see that,” Sam said as he answered the phone.

“Yes Tony, I know it doesn’t look good. I have no idea what the hell is going on. Yes, I know. Those two will be taken care of as soon as possible. That’s a simple matter. You know we have men here just for that. Yes, I know. I will keep you informed. Yes. I understand completely. Alright, I will, Loretta your father sends his love to you.” “Same to you daddy, love you. Bye.”

Loretta went to the refrigerator and began making a late lunch for the both of them. The kids were still at her sister’s house. She took down a large wooden bowl and emptied a bag of salad into it. She grabbed a bottle of salad dressing and poured some of its contents over the salad and tossed it.

“Why did you have to call your father Loretta. He is very upset with me.” That makes two Lugano’s that are pissed with you Sam. We need to talk.”

___________ __________ _____________

Well, Sam is in the dog house. Just where he belongs. What’s going to happen with the forty grand. What plan will Jay come up with for that money? Well see. Thanks for stopping by.

“Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets” is a spy thriller unfolding in Italy with some interesting twists and turns.