Sunday, May 19, 2024-Chapter Twenty-Seven of “The Bad Seed.”

Chief Tolsen sat at his desk waiting to hear about the arrests at the road block. His part in the plan was now coming into play. He had been doing a good deal of work in the shadows as Jay worked out on the streets on this “project.”

The Chief had briefed four officers that he knew he could trust on the “internal affairs” investigation. He told them that everything had to remain a secret until the investigation was complete. The four officers would be in two of the four cars at the road block. They would be the only police officers that knew the entire story of the investigation, or so they thought. They were to make sure that the arrests went as planned.

They understood that the two men in beards were police officers from a nearby department and had to “escape” before they were turned over to his department in order to continue the investigation. If their identities were revealed, the investigation would be over.

As the two remaining cars arrived at the police station with Jason and Cheeto and passed through the security gates in the rear of police head quarters, the other two patrol cars had dropped back, turned around and returned to the site of the road block.

Cheeto and Jason climbed out their cars and were surprised to see that there were only two patrol cars there. The other two had vanished. They were led in through the rear door, still handcuffed, under the large light that always shinned at night above the wide metal door. Night insects swarmed around it. They continued in for processing. They were very familiar with the program.

“I hope you find what your looking for Gus,” the driver of the police cruiser said to Jay seated in the back as they drove back to where Jay had been arrested. “We can’t have police officers running their own private investigations and not following the code of justice.” Jay agreed to some degree. “We are nearly ready to close in on the top subject of this investigation, officer Drake. It’s only going to be a few more days. My department appreciates your cooperation.”

The two police officers smiled at each other as they helped Jay and David out of their car, removed their handcuffs and returned Jay’s car keys to him. The tow trucks were just arriving on the scene. One of the officers went and talked to the tow truck drivers. The tow truck drivers talked to each other and one driver finally climbed back up into his rig and drove away. He wasn’t very happy. He had driven for sometime out to this deserted place in the hot desert. It had cost him a few bucks in fuel. It was already a difficult way to make a living. This unpaid run didn’t help him or his family.

“This evening worked out nicely David.” “Yes Jay, but I must say, I had my doubts. I don’t like sitting in the back of a squad car, by the way. One time will be enough for me. I really thought we might end up in jail.” “That couldn’t happen David. If they ran my prints, all of this would have been for nothing and a few good officers would have lost their jobs for helping us. I need to call Chief Tolson, now.”

Jay pulled his cellphone from out of his front pocket and sat down behind the wheel of the Nova. David sat beside him, his elbow resting on the top of his door at the open window. “Hello chief, it’s Jay. Everything has worked out as we planned.” “Well, it was your plan Jay, I just did a little administrative work, as usual.” “Well, we’re almost finished with this. It all seems to have gone as expected.” “Yes Jay, I never had any doubts about anything. You were always a clever cop.” “Thanks chief.” “Just keep me in the loop Jay.” “I will sir, thanks again for your support.”

Jay then called his wife and explained to her that he was fine. She had been sleeping and was glad to hear from him, as always. She had received many calls like this at ungodly hours over the years. She expected this one. She knew Jay would be fine. That was what she told herself and how she had survived as a cop’s wife for so many years.

“We need to go by and pick up my car, drop this Nova off at Susan’s lot and then I’ll drop you at her place.” “Great Jay, I think I’m ready to call it a night.” “Are you going to move in with Susan?” “Yes, I just need to spend the night at my place tonight and come back with my stuff. I think Susan has figured out that I am going to move in. I’ll tell her tonight though, just in case she hasn’t.” “Great, I think this will work out for the both of you.”

The drive to the super market for Jay’s car, dropping the Nova off and then getting to Susan’s took almost an hour. Jay had called Susan after he talked to the chief.

When they arrived at Susan’s there was hot chocolate and cookies laid out for them.

“Well, so far so good Jay. What do you suppose is going on over at Sam’s house tonight?” Heaven only knows Susan, but it can’t be good. He has lost his money again, some dope and two men who might be willing to talk.

Who ever is in charge is surely very unhappy with him right about now. And his wife is as well. I don’t think he is going to sleep much.” Jay finished his chocolate as David addressed the issue of him moving in with Susan. The two of them talked for a short time and settled the loose ends. David left at six AM for is “stuff.” He would return in the afternoon after a few hours of sleep and be “officially” moved in. David handed the keys to the Nova to Susan and left a few minutes later.

At nine o:clock, there was a knock on Loretta’s front door.