Tuesday, May 28, 2024 – Chapter Thirty-One of “The Bad Seed”

I’m leaving for my meeting downtown Julie,” Jay yelled down the long hallway. “Great dear, don’t be too late and keep your wits about you. I don’t want any phone calls from the hospital or the chief.” “I’ll be careful dear, you can count on me.” “I still want those two cohorts of your’s to come out here for diner when this is all over. I want to meet Susan, especially.”

Jay wondered if his wife suspected him of some infidelity with Susan. Julie had no reason to be suspicious other than the fact that he had been spending more time with Susan then with his own wife. Jay thought about that situation and then realized that the meeting would have to take place.

He had never strayed but perhaps his wife wasn’t so sure with Jay’s crazy schedule and “interesting” people that he came into contact with over the years while working as a cop. The worst part of that scenario was that susan was a very attractive woman with a fine figure, long blonde hair, deep blue eyes, yes jay had noticed that, and she had a flair for fashion.

It would be interesting to see Julie’s reaction. Jay hoped that Julie would remain rational and calm. She had nothing to worry about. Jay thought that perhaps he did. Only time would tell.

Jay turned out of the driveway and waved to his neighbor next door as he left. The neighbor waved back. They weren’t close but Jay had tried to keep the relationship alive for several reasons. One being that it was always good to have an extra set of eyes on your family by someone when you weren’t home and the other was to keep Jay in the loop about what was going on in his neighborhood. Jay was not often around while he was still working and so knew little about many of his neighbors. They tsked on a regular basis but not as often as most neighbors due to Jay’s schedule.

Jay drove the Corvette slowly down his street and out of the development where he lived. A new older guard was now occupying the seat of the dead guard. He wore a side arm as well. That was a good change, or so Jay thought. Many of his neighbors were alarmed by this change.

It was a sunny day as usual as he floored the car and raced down the highway toward town. Few people were about on the road. He looked behind him to see if he was being followed. He wasn’t.

In fifteen minutes he was at Susan’s house and watching her and David bringing in all of David’s worldly possessions. There wasn’t much. David seemed to travel rather light. Some clothing, a few pairs of shoes and a few books. There was nothing in the way of furniture. There was a foot locker but jay had no idea what might be in it.

Jay climbed out of his car as Susan and David headed for the house. David’s car sat under a large pine tree. Jay’s car sat in it’s shadow. The grass in front of Susan’s home was as green and perfect as the golf courses all around the area. Jay wondered who might be taking care of it. Surely, Susan wasn’t involved in that. She did’t seem like the type of woman who worked in her yard. She was more of the bridge club set. Raised in a fine family with connections and money, or so Jay thought.

“Hey guys,” Jay said as he climbed the curb, “I brought something to celebrate with.” He held up the whisky and Susan and David both voiced approval. “David waved for Jay to follow quickly into the house. “Come on in Jay and let’s brake out the glasses,” Susan said as she and David entered the house.

Jay followed them and turned to the kitchen. He set the bottle down on the counter and then caught up with quickly down a long hallway. Jay passed several photos that might be clues as to who Susan’s parents might have been. There were several of a man in uniform but not her husband. There were a few of a man and woman at their wedding and photos of a your girl and boy. The girl might be Susan as a baby and a young girl. Did she have a brother? She hadn’t mentioned him as of yet. One photo showed a man on what appeared to be the capital steps. Jay hoped to learn more about Susan from these photos and talking more with her.

They entered David’s new room. It was a bright room with a large closet and two large windows. The room was flooded with desert sunshine. It had a dresser, two night stands and a double bed. The room was neat as a pin. David liked that.

David sat on the bed for the first time and thought it was much nicer than the one he had been sleeping on in his crummy apartment. He looked forward to quiet nights and late mornings if he wanted that. He had no choice before. His work schedule was loose at best. But he did seem to keep busy working as far as Jay could tell.

Jay looked over the room and then at Susan. Susan looked great. She was dressed to kill, as usual. Not in a provocative way, but she did look very well put together. David on the other hand, was his normal disheveled self. He had no woman in his life at the moment and had little time to try to search for one. His soiled tennis shoes were worn down on the outside of each heel. He was a work in progress, no doubt.

Alright then boys, how about a drink on our success thus far,” Susan said as she led the two men back down to the kitchen. Jay opened the bottle while Susan found the glasses. “How do you like your Scotch David?” “Can’t say, I’ve never had anything like that. I’m strictly a beer guy.” “Not tonight David,” Jay offered up. “We have plenty to celebrate this evening and a little planning to do as well.”

Susan spoke as she brought out the ice. She dropped three cubes in each tumbler. “Yes David, new digs and a new drink for you. Maybe a few.” Jay poured the Scotch into the three glasses. He kept his Scotch low in the glass and nearly over filled Susan’s. He was determined to get more answers from her. David’s was half full.

The first round went down quickly with one quick swallow. Jay savored the heat and the aroma as it flowed down his throat. Susan drank her’s and seemed not to notice the smooth heat. She had drank a lot of Scotch over the years. David’s eyes watered and he took a slow breath after downing his. “That’s smooth,” he tried to say as he took a breath.

The three new friends did a high five. They had known each other for just a week now, but it seemed much longer. They had seen Susan dressed and acting like a hooker in the alley and as a beauty queen with poise and class. David and Jay had donned makeup and false beards and trotted out into the dangerous drug world of Sam and his other criminal friends and accomplices. They had done that so as not to be recognized later around town. They had to live there, after all. The rental car had been a part of the subterfuge as well. The plan had worked perfectly so far.

The three had settled on the patio again. It was their informal office now or so it seemed. The pool shimmered behind them as they spoke of events to come. Jay poured another glass for Susan. His was empty as was David’s but he didn’t refill theirs. Susan smiled and took another sip. “This is nice stuff Jay. This must have set you back a few bucks.” “It’s the real thing Susan. I know you don’t drink the cheap stuff. I can tell that just by looking at you and this place of yours. You are used to the finer things in life, no doubt.” “Well, back in the day that was the case. But that ex of mine has set me back on my heels a little so I’m living a little close to the bone at the moment. I have a few debts that still need to be paid off. But by next year I’ll be fine.”

“What did your folks do for a living Susan?” “Oh, you know, my mother was a house wife and my dad, like my husband, had been in the military for several years. When dad retired, he went into politics.” Jay looked into her blue eyes and replied, “I see.” Susan finished her drink and Jay poured her another. David’s glass sat empty. Jay poured a little more Scotch into his glass. It sat on the table. Susan picked her’s up and took another drink.

“My wife wants to meet the both of you when this is all finished.” “I’m sure she does Jay,” Susan said with a raised eyebrow, “I’m sure she does.” “That wold be nice Jay,” David added. “I haven’t seen your place yet. I don’t even know where you live exactly.” Susan looked at David and spoke.” Neither do I David, isn’t that strange?” “Well guys, there just hasn’t been time or the need until now. We’ll have diner there next week when this is all behind us.”

“What’s the plan the Jay?” Susan asked. David looked at Jay and waited to hear what Jay had to say. Susan took another drink from her glass. The Scotch seemed to have little affect on her. “So what’s the rest of the plan Jay?” “I’m going back into Oscar’s without a disguise tonight and take a look at who and what is going on in there. Susan, you will back me up if needed. Will bring in the cops if I get into trouble. They know the situation there now and will arrive quickly, no doubt. Surely they are watching Sam at this moment.

David, I want you out at Sam’s place to see what’s going on out there. Don’t get too close. I don’t want you injured or worse. I want to see if Sam is there. He might already be dead as far as we know. Who knows what Loretta has done with him at this point? David, you need to get out to their house now. Do you have your cell phone?” “Yes Jay.” “Good. Call me when you get there and let us know what you see. Susan and I will wait here until the time is right for me to go across the street.” David got up and looked at Susan. “I’m fine David. Jay is right, you need to get to Sam’s place. I think Jay and I will have a nice chat while we’re waiting to see what develops her at Oscar’s.”

David left the house with a set of keys that Susan gave him from a kitchen drawer. He left through the front door and was soon out of site. “It’s gong to be nice to have someone living here with me Jay.” Susan took another drink and looked at Jay. “So Jay, what do you want to talk about?”

__________ ___________ ___________

Hey, Jay is a straight shooter. He won’t cheat on his wife, or will he? What and who will Jay see in Oscar’s? What will David see at Sam’s house? More tomorrow afternoon. I play tennis in the morning.