June 10, 2024 – “The Adventures of the Smith Family”

“The Adventures of the Smith Family,” my 18th century English adventure romance novel is now available as a free ebook for a limited time.

Don’t miss the exciting story of a young boy who through no fault of his own finds himself a land owner in a new village after an incident of historic proportions.

What will a young serf create when given the chance.

Who is Father Magnus and what are his deep secrets?

Who is Catherine and what will Lawerence learn from her?

Who is Jason and what does he want from Lawerence?

All of these questions will be answered if you read “The Adventures of the Smith Family.”

“Sailing Away” is the exciting follow up novel.

The first chapters of many of my novels are here for you to read.

I”m working on a new crime novel now called “The Bad Seed” and have two novels finished and coming out soon.

The rough draft of “The Bad Seed” is here on my travel blog in its very rough form.

Don’t miss my story of our recent trip to Jordan and Egypt in Oct. 2024. Those were interesting times, to say the least.